Network Marketers never get stuck growing your business guide/ checklist

This checklist was designed to guide you step by step to growing your Network Marketing business.Never again will you seat in front of your computer wondering what to do to grow your business. Share this with your team so

You can experience explosive growth.

Step1. If you didn’t watch my training video on the S.C.O.R.E Method make sure click here to watch it now

Step 2. Now you need to setup your autoresponder ( An autoresponder helps you organize your email messages, it a must have if you plan to grow your business. Click here to setup your FREE autoresponder 

Step 3. Now that you have your aweber setup, now you have to setup your follow up sequence, I recommend that you setup at least a 7 day follow up. Now what email should you send? Day 1 should of course be what you promised to them, Day 2 should be something that is value based, meaning it should be something that is going to help your readers, example: Trainings, checklist, etc.. FYI the content that you share in your email doesn’t have to be yours you can always do a short paragraph and link to the content that your sharing, also always give your readers a chance to join you in you P.S section. The key to emails is to have catchy subject lines  example subject line: Did you see this? Or another

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