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Negative  Exposure 

Negative Exposure

American history has had a significant and symbolic role in shaping the attitudes within society. Racial and socioeconomic stereotypes have emerged from constructed beliefs created out of bias, ignorance and intolerance.

The need for a conscious awakening and exploration of a paradigm shift is long overdue. “Negative Exposure”, is a compelling and heart-wrenching story that takes place in “any” urban city in America.

Jayson Gresham is a young White man trapped in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness, amidst daily occurrences of police brutality and harassment from officers who disdainfully refers to community residents as unruly animals.

Gang violence, drugs and spiritual decay haunts Jayson’s community, and as the single father of a baby girl, he desperately wants to break away and build a better life for his daughter.

Jayson’s dreams come crashing down when he is forced into a dangerous confrontation spearheaded by the privileged Black son of a local elite, religious leader.

Negative Exposure is a film that doesn’t play down to the audience as it cleverly deals with issues of societal complexities while providing answers and solutions to today’s racial, religious and ethnic tensions.